Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


Landerneau 22 May 2015

A video news made by the famous Marc Chalvron broadcast by France 2 TV the 20 May 2015 at 20' makes blood run cold and should make think. This 5 minutes video is undoubtedly the best for many years. In this report, we discover the sad truth about the old ships deconstruction belonging or having belonged to European shipowners. This is why the association MOR GLAZ promotes for over 10 years the ship dismantling in France as an opportunity arises.

According to the association MOR GLAZ, old vessels must be deconstructed as close as possible, and make it mandatory for European shipowners. Our position was supported by the Minister Ms Ségolène Royal in 2014.

The Macron Act itself should encourage and help (if necessary) all industrial activities that could establish in ports, facilitating exports by sea of steel and other products, like the Brestoise company "Guyot ENVIRONMENT, " leader in the port of Brest but not only, in the recycling and export activity.

According to the association MOR GLAZ, it is better to develop activities including deconstruction of vessels, on the French and European ports by creating a complementary activity to all existing ones. Enough to deconstruct these ships in Bangladesh, where 20% of workers are between 12 to 14 years old. Enough to hold incoherent speech like "we bring us work". One thing is indisputable: we export there our waste, old ships that shipped our wealth, we export them the death on these sites from another time. All international conventions, agreements of appearance do not change much on the practices in Bangladesh and elsewhere, no change for 40 years.

In France, all industrialists are not looking for subsidies, they are looking for areas in the ports, to carry out activities previously neglected by France, as the deconstruction of old ships. These industrialists would like also less bureaucracy, which is quite discouraging.

The association MOR GLAZ observed some failures:

* In Camaret sur Mer, in Douarnenez, when the company " Construction Mécanique de l'Ouest " tried to set up and create jobs in an area neglected by successive governments ....

* The bureaucracy in Brest to dismantle old civil and military vessels.

* A company implantation request for ships dismantling in the port of Calais for several months, which is controversial because too much red tape, unjustified, unnecessary, among those who could provide quick permissions in order to develop this activity in the port of Calais . In this port, there would be 10 ships to dismantle, this project would create 10 jobs immediately but also a purchasing power for 10 families, and inevitably would create a cabotage activity in the port of Calais to export scrap.

For the association MOR GLAZ, any company implementation in a port should be encouraged, if it respects the Human rights and Environment. Each job created must be seen as a victory against unemployment and poverty. Let's show the French "know how" in all areas, including the ship dismantling. Enough to see that northern countries get rid, under futile pretexts, of their waste (old ships) to Bangladesh, Africa or elsewhere. We have to opt for various activities in the French and Europeans ports, including the deconstruction of old ships.

On behalf of MOR GLAZ Jean Paul HELLEQUIN, President