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Since more than 10 years, the MOR GLAZ Association denounces the lack of international legislation on the loss of containers at sea. Certain habits must change and simply " disappear "….

After the loss of 517 containers on the 14th of February 2014 off the coast of Brittany by the container ship " Svenborg Maersk ", the Danish shipping company is going to draw up a precise map of the seabed were have sunk more than " these " her 500 (517 declared) containers to inform the fishermen.

The MOR GLAZ association thanks this decision taken by the Atlantic Maritime Authorities.

The loss of containers here and there remains a real problem. The nautical resources and financial means to find and recover these containers are lacking and almost inexistent.

The loss of thousands of containers (between 50000 and 100000) at sea every year isn't a simple event, the coastal states victim of these loss of containers are subjects to very expensive coasts

Each lost container at sea must stay under responsibility of his transporter.

A container that falls over board and that stays between two waters represents an important risk for the navigation. These thousands of lost and abandoned containers here and there are the reason of many misfortunes, invisible and dangerous pollutions for men and the environment. These containers relieve in the sea quantities of toxic waste and is very dangerous for the coastal inhabitants and the marine life. The race for ship gigantism (up to 19000 containers) risks to increase the loss of containers.

Some questions and affirmations are to be said

-Is it reasonable " obligatory " that these loaded ships venture to sea in very bad weather without sheltering or slowing down?

-The number of officers and crew on board these ships are sometimes unsufficient and too often from many different countries.

-Is the loading always correctly done? Testimonies (from inside ports) prove that many containers are much heavier than what the sender declares (18% of them are more than 6 tonnes heavier than declared), some port stakeholders talk about some containers being more than 30% heavier.

-The use of geolocation chips claimed " asked " by the MOR GLAZ Association since more than 10 years must become " be " obligatory. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) must quickly implement in this direction and be the priority. The loss of containers is not a fatality, the sea is not a waste bin…. The first worldwide activity must steer the right course on its expertise and rigour.