Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime

PRESS release Landerneau July 22, 2014

Congratulations to the rescuers and all teams that have permit the "COSTA CONCORDIA" to reach the port of Genoa for being dismantled. MOR GLAZ wishes good luck to the crews of the two tugs that will be subjected to all these tensions - sometimes unnecessary- from the media. The association hopes that the convoy will not encounter any difficulty and will arrive quickly and safely.

Could this maritime accident have been avoided ? Yes it could according to us. But continually push the gigantic passenger ships and container ships is an aberration. To allow these passenger ships along the coastal closer is another one.

We hope that the cost of the refloating that is far beyond the $ 120 million and the dismantling of the ship will make the insurers, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ,the Flag State etc.. think about it

As usual everyone is agitated, and if there was a pollution ... and if the convoy did not reach Genoa, and if and if ......

When Ségolène ROYAL be on board the anti pollution French ship "JASON" it can "could" reassure but alas it will "would be" too late if the convoy encountered serious difficulties.

One thing is certain, if the ship was equipped with " JLMD" ecology system, "JLMD Ecologic Group": the "COSTA CONCORDIA" would make this trip without the more than 100 tons of fuel oil still on board, because all the bunkers would have been carefully cleaned. This is one of question that the Minister Ms. ROYAL shall be asking herself as well as some members of her Departemental Staff when some people will try to reassure her. Yes the convoy will leave traces of their passage. But those who will go with the ship can just be observers and can not do nothing .... except communicate and report.

Besides, do these people ask theirself the same questions about the state of the world fleet and living conditions of workers on board these cruise ships ...

MOR GLAZ denounced tirelessly gigantism merchant ships Carrying more than 5000 passengers and 2500 crew members with sometimes 15 different nationalities represents a real danger. The association requests for years appropriate means of rescue on the Atlantic coast and in the Mediterranean ........

On behalf of MOR GLAZ, the President, Jean-Paul Hellequin