Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau August 22, 2015

MOR GLAZ Association is always opposed and will remain oppose to the sale of old vessels remained stuck here and there for years along a dock. The Océan Jasper stuck in Brest since 2007 cannot be sold to any shipowner or worse a "pseudo-shipowner", the ship must go quickly in a French scrap yard.

Who could allow the sale of the cargo ship "Ocean Jasper" to a "pseudo shipowner" and make an inexcusable mistake.

Who will dare be guilty "accomplice" to sail a "waste ship", while there are already too numerous on all over the world. These waste ships who call ports, go back to sea too often without any trouble with the authorities.

These waste ships who always belong to "pseudo-shipowners', these "irresponsible" in the shipping, these "crooks of the sea" ( as they are named by the Academician Christian Buchet). These ships became too old like the "Ocean Jasper", stopped in Brest since 2007 after sinking a fishing vessel - 60 miles off Brittany coast- and fled ... these vessels are hazardous for seafarers, the environment and the reputation of the shipping. These "pseudo-shipowners" responsible of the worst social abuses against seafarers from poor countries, exploited , underpaid and sometimes abandoned in a port, left there as sub-human, as objects without any interest.

Simply look at the number of abandoned ships in the port of Brest, taking place always after abandon of seafarers ... (Captain Tsarev for 8 years, Antigone Z :3 years, and Karl who is now a substandard ship, nor longer able to sail neither receiving seafarers, employed in the worst conditions by Manning agencies, accomplices of all social abuses of seafarers 'but' never convicted).

How a high official could consider selling such a ship - he certainly has not seen her for months (did he see her at least ? ), or he is misinformed by the Administration on the ship's condition.

At the present time where the fight against the smuggling of migrants is a priority, without waste ships traffickers (the crooks) would not have ships who are essential for all traffic, Men, weapons, drugs, waste etc ....

This ship "Océan Jasper "could, at best, be interesting for a scrap merchant, but we must act quickly and avoid all the usual red tape so frequent in our country, discouraging entrepreneurs who could dismantle all these old ships, and create around that some jobs ....

According to MOR GLAZ, there is a only one purpose for the Océan Jasper : dismantling !


On behalf of MOR GLAZ

The President