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Landerneau le 21 février 2014

The situation of 5 seafarers on board the cargo " JUST MARIIAM ", stopped in Lorient since February 12, 2014 is solved.

MOR GLAZ congratulates the ITF inspector. Indian Relievers are coming .. and galley should continue but :

MOR GLAZ reminds that the ship was inspected by the PSC Officers in Norway in December 2013 and the last port of call was Reykjavik, Iceland .

MOR GLAZ is not really sure that all inspections lead are serious even in Europe and including France .

These grotesque situations should not occur , as we are told "the inspection is better and better" ... But the ship was given to a " pseudo- shipowner " with a diverse and varied cargo. This is a way to pass waste to less fussy countries ( in need we are told ) . A way to export waste, it just have to be aware of the cargo and the ship's condition .

MOR GLAZ refuses that the main concern of the French authorities is to let the vessel sail at all costs ". She is a bit too old to sail and this is dangerous, again for seafarers and again for rescuers .

It is outrageous that : a classification society can approve this ship... a State accepts this vessel in its registry ... she found an insurer and a charterer .... all of them re the main protagonists of these sad adventures.

MOR GLAZ Association will closely follow up the situation of seafarers and then the ship ... the question is : Is she able to sail ?

Those who want that the ship leave at all costs ( as always) would be "guilty" in case of she encounterq some difficulties ...... If you let the ship sails, you " endorse " the presence of this " pseudo- shipowner " in the shipping industry ( that allows 90 % of world trade ) .

Again MOR GLAZ Association reiterates its request to place a rescue tug to cover the area of the Bay of Biscay.