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Landerneau le 20 novembre 2013

What's happening on the cargo vessel " OLYMPIC LIGHT" stranded for several months in Saint -Malo .....

How men " seafarers " can they still trust their " pseudo- shipowners "

who have nothing to do with maritime activities ?



Wages not paid in September and October 2013 for the 8 Albanian seafarers on board the M/V " OLYMPIC LIGHT" stopped in the port of Saint Malo since September 2013.

MOR GLAZ is surprised about the seafarers' behavior, exploited by unscrupulous "pseudo- shipowner", those seafarers who are not so numerous to request the respect that they deserve and they are entitled to receive as any other employee, whatever their nationality.

Seafarers who are given alms from time to time from this " pseudo- shipowner " so that they remain on board, have become despite themselves guardians of a good that the pseudo-shipowner does not want to abandon or lose. Always the same operations and the same abuses.

MOR GLAZ requests to the Maritime Autorities and Administration to force that " pseudo- shipowner " to face up to his responsibilities . This " pseudo- shipowner " who infriged all law, towards his seafarers and who of course did not respect the fair competition. Action shall be taken against him by law. The bill voted by the Representatives last May 17, 2013 that protects seafarers against abandon must be applied as well as the Maritime Labour Convention ( MLC) 2006. These situations are too numerous in the ports here and elsewhere.

Seafarers are not the only creditors. The ship is currrently seized for 32 000 EUROS.

MOR GLAZ considers that these Albanese are here for months, except if in case the ship is released they agree to sail without any guarantee... Because it doesn't fool us.


L'équipage de ce navire est composé de 8 marins Albanais, il est actuellement en grève dans le port de St Malo (sauf le commandant) suite au non paiement des salaires (un peu plus de 20.000 Dollars) et du remboursement des billets de transport. .....