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Landerneau le 1 octobre 2014

Two ships " Jeanne d'Arc and Colbert" belonging to the

French navy will be deconstructed "recycled" in France at Bordeaux-Bassens,

MOR GLAZ Association is quite satisfied.


Indeed, the people who are responsible of the deconstruction of these old military ships used to have a rather bad reflex to send them to Belgium for them to be deconstructed "recycled" at very competitive prices (triggered at rightly point different questions).

Since several weeks, "suspicious leaks" indicated that the ex "Jeanne d'Arc" could have done its last trip towed by the famous tug boat "Christos XXII" known for its reliability as in January 2014, this tub boat almost sank of the coast of Saint-Malo….. How can choices like this one be made….. certainly suggested by specialists, experts or others….. Let's remember that in France, one of the Maritime Prefect's missions is the protection of the coast and even sometimes to keep away from the coast ships as the "Christos XXII" or at least to keep an eye on them when they pass along the coast. After several meetings, the decision is taken: for its last trip to the "deconstruction yard" at Bordeaux-Bassens", the ex "Jeanne d'Arc" will be towed by the French tug boat "Penfret" registered under the French flag…..

MOR GLAZ Association would have preferred that this deconstruction was done at Brest either in the military or in the civil port. But this activity isn't a priority for Brest, even if it appease courteous between the civil and the military people at Brest, each of them keep an eye on each other and are suspicious of them despite that it could create employments around this activity….. and we are only talking about this one.