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The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) , "the Seafarers' bill of rights" ,

The MLC 2006 had entered into force in August 2013. This Convention requires shipping companies to recognise rights to the 1,850,000 seafarers recorded in the world , by setting in place minimum social standards ( the Convention applies to the ships owned by Condor Ferries ).

30 ratifications were required to the application of the MLC 2006. The quorum was reached in August. 20, 2012 and the Convention officially entered in force one year later.

Today, 56 countries have ratified the Convention, but the Convention does not apply to fishing vessels , Navy, and vessels of traditional construction. MOR GLAZ supposes that there is no social problem, no problem regarding seamen employment contract,health etc on board these ships.

MOR GLAZ will make sure that the MLC 2006 will be respected, - in all areas covered by our sentinels - because fundamental rights are guaranteed by the MLC - fair working conditions, social security, medical care, etc. The main objective of the Convention is to ensure that seafarers have decent working conditions.

The MLC has entered into force in many countries : Cyprus , Denmark , the Netherlands , Norway ( the cargo vessel detained since February 12, 2014 in Lorient, in very poor condition and with seafarers in poor condition too, just came from Norway)

Other countries are preparing to apply this famous MLC 2006, but are they really ready ?

By signing the MLC 2006 , does the France just simply add an extra sheet to the administrative " millefeuille " , already unreadable and indigestible ... or does the France will give itself all means to apply to all ports this Convention, guardian of all seafarers rights (4/5 are from poor countries) ?

What are the real means of France to control seriously vessels calling the ports ?

What are the intentions , means and freedom of authorities to put an end to social dumping ( shameful competition) between the seafarers of all over the world and ports.