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Landerneau le 19 février 2015

ORANGE MARINE, obstructionism of the missions of Laure TALLONNEAU who is an ITF Inspector (International Transport Worker's Federation. What could be the problem on board these " their " ships registered under French RIF flag…

On the 17th of February 2015 at the port of Brest at 9.00am, the ITF Inspector Laure TALLONNEAU as she was there for a routine inspection on board the "PIERRE DE FERMAT" belonging to "Orange Marine" registered under the French RIF flag, with the order of the company, the captain of the "PIERRE DE FERMAT" told her (without any delicacy or sleigh-riding) the leave the ship.

Strange behaviour for a sea Captain who represents the Company under a French flag, would this one only be an economical flag (second register)… Certain habits and manners are not tolerated in the merchant navy, and this since a very long time.

As other French shipping companies, "Orange Marine" employs seamen from foreign countries, here they are Malagasies but "Orange Marine" (contrarily to other shipping companies) does not wish that their working contracts are "shown", even if the legislation allows it.

The ITF Inspector Laure Tallonneau made this obstructionism mentioned in a complaint by a judicial officer and warned the port and maritime authorities, a complaint was also done at the police office at Brest. The obstructionism to an official missioned person is a serious problem and to be "pushed" even slightly by the Captain of the "PIERRE DE FERMAT" is scandalous.

MOR GLAZ Association is chocked by the comportment of the Captain of the "PIERRE DE FERMAT", we note with resentment that certain habits in the Merchant Navy are still too present. MOR GLAZ Association asks that the authorities react about these inacceptable methods.

Laure TALLONNEAU is furthermore, Vice-president and treasurer of MOR GLAZ Association, we do not accept these sort of comportments towards her.