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On the 18th of December 2014 at 3.00pm, the ship " Abis Cardiff " warned the MRCC at Jobourg of an engine failure, at 18 nautical miles (33km) at the north of the "cap de la Hague" with a south-west wind gale force 8.



The ship "Abis Cardiff" who is under Dutch flag, 114 metres length was transporting 5000 tonnes of barley. The owner of this ship took the right decision to call the company "Les Abeilles" belonging to Bourbon to tow the ship to the port of Cherbourg and put the crew, the ship, the cargo and also the other ships in this zone in security.

The salvage tug Abeille Liberté chartered by the government under the authority of the Maritime Prefect left Cherbourg after having the authorisation to tow the ship at about 25 nautical miles (46km) of Cherbourg under a commercial contract.

Despite the bad weather, the towage of this ship worked out well, this shows the need to have tug boats registered under French flag 1st register, with a well formed crew, embarked 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

The tug-boats " Abeille Liberté " " Abeille Bourbon " " Abeille Languedoc " " Abeille Flandre " "Jason " and others… are " stay " the best way to rescue ship in difficulty.

However, for Mor Glaz Association, the means are lacking in the Bay of Biscay and we have drawn the attention of the Prime Minister when he "passed" at Brest on the 18th of December 2014…..we will end up by being herd, maybe after the next shipwreck…

Mor Glaz Association congratulates all of those how participated to this operation and in first place the Captain Philippe LE BIHAN and his crew.