Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime




Yesterday , April 18, 2014 the President of MOR GLAZ Jean- Paul Hellequin and the Vice President Laure Tallonneau have been to Camaret sur Mer on the Site of the company Construction Métallique de l’Ouest "West Steel Construction" set up there recently . This company is established with all necessary approvals , including that of Bâtiments de France

The new council has decided not to renew the authorization for this company. During this unexpected visit at " Camaret sur Mer, Laure TALLONNEAU and myself met Mr. Noel Guilbert, the site foreman who represented the company CMO .


MOR GLAZ supports the industrial activity in the port of Camaret sur ??Mer and elsewhere , whenever Social and Environmental laws are respected.



Below the shed, well equipped and ventilated for the welfare of employees, the company cleans and repairs barges for the Navy. The company employes seven people, in compliance with the Labour Code and with Environment. If we let a chance to this company, other activities could be developped and could create dozens of jobs. When all social and environmental standards are met by companies, how is it possible to let them go elsewhere?



The behavior of the new Council is shocking. Does the Council will propose another activity to replace that one that permits to many families to live ?