Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau, 18 August 2015

Open letter To the attention of The Prime Minister Manuel VALLS



Dear Prime Minister,

Since July 2, 2015 (45 days) Mr. Cedric LUCAS has requested from Mr. Thierry LESCOUARC'H prosecutor in Quimper the deletion of the convictions transmitted to his criminal record.

MOR GLAZ association that aims to defend the sea, seafarers and maritime activities, defends the cause of this fisherman from Concarneau who wants to reintegrate.

Mr. Prime Minister, because Cedric LUCAS had to hire a captain to sail his ship "The KENVAD", the small company will sink.

The zeal from Maritime Affairs and lengthy administrative to delete the criminal records will be fatal. He will definitely lose his activity and any hope of a better life, if he does not get quickly what he has been requesting for 45 days.

MOR GLAZ association provides you this letter to support (and to activate) the request of Mr. Cedric LUCAS.

We had a meeting at Ushant with the Advisor Patrick AUGIER July 10, 2015 in whom we trust and who does all what he can. But obviously others would be less enthusiastic, to give hope to Cedric LUCAS.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Mr LUCAS, depending of the maritime district of Concarneau, is in a crazy situation, caused by excessive administrative zeal from Maritime Affairs. This decision contradicts the political discourse" about the reintegration. Make every effort to reintegrate those who might sin or drift during a period of their lives, yes, but in reality administrative "millefeuilles" are in contradiction and forbid any integration and social progress in all maritime activities for Cédric LUCAS.

Dear Prime Minister, MOR GLAZ association calls on your promptness and dynamism to end this crazy situation in a country that promotes rehabilitation. In a country lacking and looking for fishermen because of the problem of harsh conditions.

The association MOR GLAZ is wondering about the decision of the Interregional Directorate of the Sea North Atlantic, confirming the refusal to validate the license of Cedric LUCAS given by the Delegation of the Sea and the Coast of Finistere. These two letters condemn him, but this time he is innocent. These letters that prevent "prohibit" a young fisherman to do a job he loves and who needs to take a new course, his new life and to support his family.

Dear Prime Minister, Cedric LUCAS, 28's, a young fisherman that has becoming Captain should have made the headlines to show that reintegration is possible. Becoming Captain 200 is not given to all, he has worked and he did not make the easiest choice, the fishing. After six months of training in the "European Maritime Training Education Center" of Concarneau, Mr. LUCAS passed June 18, 2015 his license Master 200. This training provides and allows him becoming Master. But the maritime administration and a decree have decided otherwise "prohibiting him fishing at sea as a fisherman boss" because he was convicted. If laws were also harshly applied against rogue shipowners, charterers and others, life would be sweet for seafarers in the world.

Dear Prime Minister please accepts our sincere and respectful greetings.


On behalf of the association MOR GLAZ

President Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN


c/ c: Préfet of Finistère, Department of Maritime Affairs, Prime Minister's Advisor sea, National Federation of Maritime Trade Unions CGT, CGT des marins du Grand Ouest.