Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


good morning Senator and Gentlemen,

Let's ensure that France will not wake up one morning under flag of convenience.

Let's be together very active in the fight against social dumping at sea and wherever.

We need to make a difference between "shipowners" operating ships in good condition ( in France ships average age is 7 years old) and other " pseudo- shipowners " without any respect of standards ( environmental, social, technical etc). The President of MOR GLAZ have presented the situation with concrete examples of social dumping, cases faced by MOR GLAZ members , in French ports or aboard, including cases reported by our members out of Europe. MOR GLAZ wishes "wants" more than ever to put the Human "the Seafarers " in the center of all maritime activities . We want to stop these " pseudo- shipowners " who do not comply with any rules , with the complicity of unscrupulous charterers, who exploite seafarers from all poor counries over the world, on board ships too often in substandard condition. The Senator agreed to come with us - if he s available - when we will face the next case. MOR GLAZ association challenged " denounced " the manning agencies and the omerta on European docks. In the first international activity with 1,850,000 seafarers - among 2/ 3 come from poor countries- that allowed to exchange in 2012 , 5 billion tons of goods , social poverty "organized" of seafarers of some countries is shocking and scandalous.

This is an extract of the presentation done by the President of Mor Glaz who was received on Wednesday, January 15, by the Senator Eric Bocquet , Member of Parliament at the Senate to make some comments about the situation of seafarers and the downwards in the Maritime sector.

The MP Eric Bocquet was requested by the Senate ( European Section) to make a report on the implementation of European social standards in the Transport sector. In line with his previous report about seconded workers within the European Union ( ) , the Senator would like to make an inventory of working conditions and compare them to European Standards . The Senator requested to meet and collect the opinion of MOR GLAZ on the current situation in order to avoid social dumping.

Before leaving the Senator Eric Bocquet , we also handed him over our request to put in place a new Tug in the Bay of Biscay.

MOR GLAZ gave half time to a representative of the ITF to present her view of the situation on the ground - problems of wages, food, repatriation etc .

During our visit at the Senate , MOR GLAZ members met also the associates of the MP Mrs. Leila Aichi. We requested again to resposition a Tug in the Bay of Biscay to replace " Abeille Languedoc ' stationed in the North France following the departure decided by the UK of the Tug chartered by the UK and paid 50 % by France since 2000 .

Our presentation of the seconded workers in the martime: we have noted that the current law - to employ the seafarers in accordance with the law of his country - is a real defeat for workers !

The maritime sector is a good example to show that all downwards are possible if there is no strict rules and control . This leads to a downward spiral of working conditions and employment of an entire sector , unfair competition between workers that is to say social dumping.

Flag of convenience show that there is no financial problem - labor costs do not even represent 1% of the operating cost of the vessel - .

The main objective is to get rid of unions, of all rights got by workers; . The RIF - International French Register is a good example.

We also talked about the problems of the seafarers employed by the British company CONDOR FERRIES : French seafarers /residents sailing under flags of convenience BAHAMAS between Saint -Malo and the Channel Islands, , seafarers who are requested to pay national taxes but who are not covered by any Social Welfare - !

We have also expressed our concerns regarding the lack of power of Port State Control Officers in ports.

The MLC 2006 has limited the ships that can be visited by the PSC Officers -even ships FOC ! Do the States really want to fight against " pseudo- owners "? We also fear that the PSC will be under pressure ... In which circumstances the authorities will take some sanctions against "social" substandard ships ?

On behalf of MOR GLAZ Association President Jean- Paul Hellequin