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Landerneau 16th Decembre 2016

The MOR GLAZ Association Vice President and Treasorer Ms Laure TALLONNEAU was absent for the annual general meeting held in Brest 14th December 2016. Ms Laure TALLONNEAU in her professional capacity is an Inspector for the International Transport Federation (ITF) 14th December, Laure was doing an inspection on board a ship in Roscoff port in Brittany. This cargo ship le " CORONEL " was loaded with colza cake.

This ship flagged in ANTIGUA and BARBUDA was coming from HAMBURG, according to our information the inspection in this port was brief, as often happens so not to upset the " pseudo-ship owner " nor the German port, and never mind the Crew. This " pseudo-ship owner " forgot to pay the salaries of certain of his crew members. As usual the flag state 'ANTIGUA and BARBUDA is completely silent, they don't oblige the respect of any regulation, their only aim is to register the greatest number of ships, complacency in all its " splendour "... including the German inspectors who should have detained this ship.

The MOR GLAZ Association applauds the behaviour of MESGUAN Company's, (the ship's agent) representative. This person did what he could the alleviate the living conditions of 9 seafarers (A Russian and 8 Lithuanians)

On the other hand, Ms Laure TALLONNEAU did what she could for the seafarers ; October and November salaries paid, and a new fridge embarked.

Nevertheless this ship sailed without air conditioning, and without a cold room to preserve vegetables fruit and dairy products.

It was declared that during the next port of call for the " CORONEL " in ROTTERDAM, certain crew members are to be repatriated, the matresses, pillows, and a washing machine will be replaced

The MOR GLAZ Association noted that Brest Ship Safety Centre Inspectors only belatedly visited the ship (3 hours before the ship sailed)

Why did the Brest Ship Safety Centre not detain the " CORONEL "

For MOR GLAZ Association there was enough material to detain the " CORONEL " and so improve the living conditions for these 9 crew members.

MOR GLAZ Association observes, that the number of inspectors in Brittany is inadequate !

For the MOR GLAZ Association Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President