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Landerneau le 13 février 2015

The "maritime hooligans", the "pseudo ship-owners" and other "bandits" of the transport and of the maritime activities have got nice days to come…

MOR GLAZ Association heard from one of the sentinels (all very active) that the "dilapidated ship" "ZÖRTURK" on forced stopover since the 24th of July 2009 in the port of Saint-Nazaire has been victim of a fire on board on the 10th of February 2015, and that the two seamen who were on board could of lost their life. It seems that the fire was due to a precarious electrical installation. On board this ship, everything is precarious… The state of this ship has become a "scrap" but more important, the conditions of life for these two people on board is an absolute disgust.

How is it that this ship left the port of HULL in July 2009, without pulling the attention of the port authorities?

On Friday the 13th of February 2015, these two seamen and an ITF Inspector (International Transport Worker's Federation) should meet the managers of the Maritime Affairs at Saint-Nazaire. MOR GLAZ Association supports this action… we must empower those who take decisions, those who head the commissions for the good hearth of seafarers.

MOR GLAZ Association would like to know how seamen can still embark on board these "old ships" that are dangerous for them, the port and the environment.

plafond d' un local commun....



cloison d'une cabine...


Why isn't this "pseudo ship-owners" bothered by the French and European Authorities. France and the European Union won't be able to hide and bury their head in the sand behind thousands of texts that protect more these bandits than the seamen and the serious ship-owners.

MOR GLAZ Association asks that the French Government seizes this object, without any complacency and that this ship is dismantled at the expense of the Turkish "pseudo ship-owner".

For MOR GLAZ Association, no other seafarer must embark on board this ship, the two people on board the ZÖRTURK must be accommodated in a hotel.

Hasn't the 5th world power had enough of being on his knees in front of these people without any respect for men and for the minimal rules?

Hasn't the 5th world power had enough of leaving go these "rusty ships" who are used for all sort of trafficking including people.