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Letter sent this day to the Captain of the "BOURBON ORCA" Jens FLATVAL for him and his crew.

Landerneau on the 13th of December 2014

Bjorn REMOY (managing Director)






Captain Jens FLATVAL and his crew,

I am the president of the French association MOR GLAZ (Blue Sea), I found out on the internet what you had done will crossing the Mediterranean Sea, all our congratulations to you all that have participated to this humanitarian operation.

I am an ancient seaman who worked for BOURBON in the maritime rescue branch "LES ABEILLES", I know as well as many of other members of MOR GLAZ how difficult it is to work out at sea. Seeing the pictures in the internet, my convictions have been reinforced, seamen are not ordinary people, seamen can stretch out their hand to people they don't even know, others wouldn't of done what you did, respect, you are heroes.

Seamen because they are seamen, know that to help is a priority, a duty. What you have done will stay anchored in your minds but also ours, you are different people. When you will hear about immigrants who cross the sea to find a "better" world, and you will appreciate or not what other people think but you will have approached these women, children and men that you have saved, who were escaping a part of the world where nothing was right, you have approached people in the worst situation, others talk about them but don't know anything. You have approached and saved a minority of this misery.

My dear friends, all year long, MOR GLAZ Association tries to make life easier for the seamen in the worst situations, you, you have saved lives. For this MOR GLAZ Association is proud to belong to the seamen's world for what you have done, you are heroes, people apart in this world of selfishness and indifference. Thank you for giving us this image, thank you to have saved all these people, BOURBON can be proud of you, were are.

Jean-Paul Hellequin President of MOR GLAZ Association

A ce moment précis à quoi peut bien penser ce capitaine...