Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



le 12 mai 2014

On December 3, 2013 , the Prime Minister Jean- Marc Ayrault said that his government should authorize the Private Maritime security companies on board our vessels .

Six months later, the Parliament is studying this question. MOR GLAZ, that defends maritime activities, wishes to share its opinion on this question that has gone on far too long. Other countries already protect their vessels in piracy areas.

For obvious reasons this decision is not easy to take. However it's high time to take and implement good decisions. Fishing and merchant vessels must be protected against the risk of piracy as soon as possible.

Seafarers who are on board vessels in these high risk areas should be protected. We would like to remind that women and men who make up these crews take risks to sustain throughout the year ,in perilous conditions, the first global activity ( 90% of trade pass through the sea). These private companies must of course be composed of "professionals" and not mercenaries or other ... We can not ignore that our army is already on many fronts and its means are reduced year after year. MOR GLAZ requests the Government to find as soon as possible a sustainable and appropriate solution against the threat of piracy.

MOR GLAZ " hopes " that the governement will take quickly a decision. France must " can not" be isolated from other countries that permit Private Maritime Security companies. France should give promptly an authorization to French shipowners so they can also protect their seafarers and their ships ( owned or chartered ) .

MOR GLAZ requests that permits and professional licenses are issued to regulate this activity. MOR GLAZ reminds that economic issues and National independence are related to maritime activity ( first activity in the world). This sector in France represents 320,000 jobs, more than the automobile industry.

On behalf of MOR GLAZ Jean- Paul Hellequin