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The December 16, 2013, 6 vessels of the French navy - 5 were in Brest- have been exported to Belgium to be dismantled.

This work relocation was not useful and we disagreed with it. It could have been avoided ..... The French Navy has decided to dismantle the ship "Jeanne d'Arc" and "Colbert" in Bordeaux Bassens (Brest does not want to invest in this activity -whereas the city could because there are important military and civilian area). The most important is that these military vessels will be dismantled in France.

MOR GLAZ is satisfied with these decisions to entrust two old ships to a French company that found a site in France.

In a country of administrative unwieldiness and where useless meetings drag, this is a feat that we welcome.

When the "Captain tsarev" stopped in Brest for over 2,050 days and "Antigone z" along the quay during 210 days .... are they going to be dismantled ? These two folders are "managed" by government !!