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Landerneau November 11, 2015

Three of the four abandoned ships in the port of Brest will be probably sold shortly.

Everybody welcomes that decision. MOR GLAZ also. For years the association has been deploring the lengthy administrative procedures. These pseudo-ship-owners who abandon crews and ships always ruin the reputation of the "real" ship-owners and the shipping industry.

The M/V “Captain-Tsarev” and the “Ocean Jasper” have been abandoned at Brest since 2007, the reefer-ship “Antigone Z” since 2012 in Douarnenez (currently in Brest). Recently another reefer- vessel “Karl” has been abandoned with an unpaid crew in the port of Brest.

All these wrecks must leave the port, off course, but only for being sold for scrap !

Too often the administrative multi-layered protects these pseudo-ship-owners. Procedures need to be simplified and the legal qualification of "crew abandoned" and « ships abandoned" revised to match with the reality and be invoked more quickly. MOR GLAZ was interviewed by the Parliament on that matter but things are going very slowly here too.

MOR GLAZ requests the people involved in the auction not to sell ships to those having malicious intent – as they could use them to transport migrants. These smugglers "these thugs" are looking for exactly this kind of ships.

On May 26, 2015, Wikileaks revealed that European navies were not able to stop the traffic of migrants. Let us not give the means to continue this inhumane activity.

Ladies and gentlemen, you who will be responsible for the sales of these wrecks: Would you please remind you that in 2001, the cargo vessel HAN left the port of Brest to be dismantled. But despite all commitments of the Department of Maritime Affairs, the vessel has continued to sail for years in the Mediterranean, for finally being again abandoned -with her crew -in Black Sea. All those who did not have assured of its deconstruction are " guilty "of this scandalous situation for seafarers.

MOR GLAZ reaffirms that all abandoned ships in the port of Brest, and elsewhere, must be deconstructed as close as possible to ensure they are effectively deconstructed and not reused. Once the ship leaves the Strait of Gibraltar, nobody can control her.

It is very important that States and the IMO legislate quickly to prohibit in worldwide the sale of any ship having been abandoned for trade.


On behalf of MOR GLAZ Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN, President WWW.MORGLAZ.ORG