Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime



Landerneau 11th December 2017

The decision taken by the Commission in Brussels to extend electric fishing is completely unacceptable, and the MOR GLAZ association is strongly opposed to it:

Electric fishing is an irrational and inadmissible method, a blind technology which the MOR GLAZ association denounces.

What is the real impact on seabed creatures which are the food for flat fish?

What will become of the ocean depths, with a haphazard type of fishing which will undoubtedly irradiate the seabed electrically, the flora, fauna, and all types of sea life which can be found there?

In front of this unacceptable and revolting fishing method, what will happen to fishing vessel owners and fishermen, as well as the entire branch which has tried for years to make fishing a little more sustainable by respecting certain rules as far as possible.

The MOR GLAZ association requests that this fishing method be forbidden, that existing exemptions be suspended and withdrawn if necessary!





Elected officials from coastal zones and not only them should be heard and obtain the elimination of this nonsense. The nourishing and fragile sea is our future. Let us make sure we protect it, as well as the seabeds and their countless wealth, which is our future!

For the MOR GLAZ association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President


Translation: T.J. and M-L. Davies