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The assistance and salvage tug ABEILLE LIBERTE has arrived to Le Havre yesterday with, behind her the oil tanker OLYMPIYSKY PROSPECT, belonging to the Russian group SOYCOMFLOT. Built in 2010, this ship has got a LIBERIAN flag, this ship of 250 m length and 114.000 tonnes deadweight has been victim on Monday evening of a rudder failure. Sailing empty, she left Le Havre several hours before heading for Russia. The crew not being able to repair at sea, the ship-owner passed a contract with the company "Les Abeilles "with who the French navy charters several salvage tugboats to assure the protection of the coastline as the ABEILLE LIBERTE , based at Cherbourg on alert 24 hours a day 365 days per year with 12 crew members on board. After having got the authorisation by the Channel and North Sea maritime prefect to do this assistance, the ABEILLE LIBERTE left the port on monday evening to reach the oil tanker, the towing line was connected on Tuesday morning (9th of December 2014). The convoy then headed Le Havre where the OLYMPIYSKY PROSPECT was placed in the waiting zone before being taken in charge by the harbour tugboats and sent to the "quai de l'Asie" to be repaired.

Since the accident of the oil tanker AMOCO CADIZ on the coast of Brittany in 1978, the maritime prefects at "Cherbourg, Brest and Toulon" have got necessary ways to assure the salvage of the seafarers and their ships except in the Bay of Biscay.