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Landerneau 11th August 2017

For the MOR GLAZ association "no active seafarer should not "cannot" remain without social protection. Since 1st July 2017 within the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention framework (ratified by France) and in force from February 2014, that should not be possible : French seafarers sailing under foreign flags should now be affiliated to ENIM, the social security for French Seafarers.

While France is trying to comply with the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), there are certain opponents and waves within the yachting community, and the large pleasure boat market ; The 2006 MLC defines a new approach to seafarers social protection, giving priority to the seafarers normal residence rather than the flag state of the vessel. The 2006 MLC will improve the living standards of all seafarers, when it has been correctly implemented.

For the MOR GLAZ association, not a single French Seafarer, obviously, but also none from overseas should be without social protection

Yacht owners are already well served by tax loopholes, flags of convenience, tax havens and other small favours and largess.

The MOR GLAZ association requests that the State and Admistration should not be put off by unfounded and groundless despicable blackmail. There is perhaps an opportunity for the ENIM to show its ability to adapt and its willingness to develop internationally.

Social Protection for all seafarers, including for those in the large pleasure boat market and yachting community, has become a necessity (One only has to read certain seafarers' testimonies)

The difficulty faced by French resident Seafarers, sailing under foreign flag was brought to light during a conflict of the Sailors and crew on board a company vessel of "CONDOR FERRIES" This conflict and the exemplary combativeness of certain sailors (had been supported by the MOR GLAZ association, the Western Sailors section of the CGT Union and by the International Transport Workers (ITF) inspector, Laure TALLONNEAU, several elected Local, National and European officials were also involved.

Seafarers embarked on vessels used for the installation, maintenance and supervision of offshore wind farms, will certainly be concerned by their social protection, except if they are French flag ships.

The MOR GLAZ association will have a watchful eye on what is planned and adopted for the seafarers social protection in this developing offshore sector.

For the MOR GLAZ Association

Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

c/c: to relevant ministries and authorities.

Translation; T. J. and M-L. DAVIES