Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


Landerneau 9th May 2017

10th May the National Day for remembrance of slavery, today and more so than yesterday the status of too many Seafarers is tragic !!!


The MOR GLAZ association had high hopes of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), which was intended to protect all Seafarers, especially those more isolated, we have serious doubts about its effectiveness, the serious desire for implementation by signatory countries. The MOR GLAZ association is often saddened for the world's seafarers ; we encourage Shipowners to clean-up, there is no place for "pseudo shipowners" in maritime affairs including fishing, Thailand industrial fishing for shrimp and other parts of the world are shameful examples.

These "pseudo shipowners" creating destitution for Seafarers and their Families, unlimited competition between Seafarers, large numbers coming from such poor regions and countries !! (Madagascar, Cape Verde, Asia, certain countries from the old Eastern block, the poorest countries in the European Union). Slavery - from some despicable behaviour, we can consider it as modern slavery - It is no longer only linked to skin colour, but to the poverty level of the Seafarers home country!

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) must put its members' house in order and redefine Flags of Convenience. In 2012 the IMO General Secretary Mr. Koji SEKINMIZU said " Thank you seafarers for all the goods which have travelled by sea and without which we could not live". The MOR GLAZ association recalls that freight transported by sea exceeded 10 billion tonnes in 2014. For 2020 it is forecast to exceed 15 billion tonnes ; the profession of seafarer is not as marginal as some would suppose, but too often it remains unclear, without any laws, without any rules, invisible, well hidden since the reinforced safety standard and enforced in world ports.

Each day, The MOR GLAZ association thinks of Seafarers who live too often under difficult conditions. After an investigation into maritime transport by the journalist Kattalin LANDABURU edited in a specialist magazine titled "Formally abolished 20th December 1848 salvery has taken on new forms on the world's seas". If the trade in " Ebony" is part of a vanished past, ships continue transporting a world of inequality and social precariousness. More than 15 years after this investigation appeared, the MOR GLAZ association noticed that flags of convenience were all too often detrimental to the world's Seafarers, particularly to those less well organised. What are member States doing to protect their seafarers?

Nevertheless, perhaps a glimmer of hope, in this 2014 dedication by the shipowner Philippe Louis-Dreyfus : "No maritime activity would be possible without sailors, ready to defy the Sea with passion and respect. Thanks therefore to Mor Glaz, an alert look-out for their welfare in life and work. Fair Winds and Calm Seas to Mor Glaz" Philippe Louis-Dreyfus.

For the MOR GLAZ association Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN President

T. J. & M-L. Davies