Association de citoyens qui défendent l'environnement maritime


Landerneau le 10 juillet 2014

Summary report of the meeting at the office of Mr Frédéric CUVILLIER Secretary of state for the transport and the sea.

During this meeting that I qualify of positive, my interlocutor Mr François LAMBERT who I met for the second time about the same subject, left me enough time to discuss the lack of safety at sea in the Bay of Biscay.

I demonstrated that all the proposals brought forward by each other since the Abeille Languedoc left La Pallice in August 2011 doesn't stand… and that all the proposals have failed, calling into question all these false proposals.

What this encounter tells me about the return of a high sea-going tug at la Pallice or along the Atlantic coast is not excluded, on the contrary. Since three years, Mor Glaz Association keeps reminding the civil and military authorities that the Bay of Biscay is no longer under protection in way of sea-going towage. During the last municipal campaign, Mor Glaz Association led campaign for the return of a tug-boat including a supply vessel of 180/190 tonnes of towing power with a French flag first register, to protect the seafarers, the goods, the environment and the coastal populations who are very exposed.

Several of our members perfectly now what the maritime transport is about, it's very difficult to tell us nonsense and to present us inapplicable second plans.

The British had decided in February 2011, to not ensure the safety in the Dover Strait any more from the 15th of September 2011 after having been payed 16 millions of euros by the France over 10 years.

The redeployment of the Abeille Languedoc in the Dover Strait left the Atlantic Coast without any maritime safety since that date despite promises and repeated calls. The tug boat Abeille Languedoc had, since the 15th of January 2006 to the 7th of june 2011 done 69 interventions including 18 towages of ships who had a blackout. The departure of the tug boat from la Pallice is worrying enough as seven oral or written questions were the object of two assemblies and several letters sent to the concerned ministers.

Mr François LAMBERT, who has got an advanced maritime education and then knows the maritime subjects asked me to give him some information were clearly appears the dangerous arears. The requests of the minister's advisor will be satisfied by the end of July 2014 and another meeting shall be organised.

Mor Glaz Association will invite itself as in 2013 to the summer university of the social party at la Rochelle we'll go and see (organised or not) the concerned ministers.