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10 février 2017


Certain French Shipowners show their differences, for innovative propulsion systems and a willingness to install an "Onboard Passive Safety" on board their ships : (LDA),CMA-CGM, LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS and some others.

But also BRITTANY FERRIES, IFREMER, LES ABEILLES ETC...... who prefer the Primary French Flag Register, the fleet renewal or modernisation which deserves inclusion, for many, in the strategic fleet

This was the title of the "Armateur de France" newsletter, issued Thursday 9th February 2017: THE FRENCH FLAG (LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS) SELECTED BY THE DANISH CHAMPION OF OFFSHORE WINDMILLS;

The group Louis Dreyfus Armateurs LDA has been a major player in French maritme activity for over 160 years, its redeployment into renewable marine energies, can only satisfy the MOR GLAZ association.

By winning this contract to operate on an wind farm off Gernay's coast, LDA French shipowner has just shown that nothing is impossible, and that one must remain confident and persuasive, to show that French shipowners are innovative and efficient.

For more than 15 years the MOR GLAZ association has condemned certain excesses in maritime activities, and has denounced the presence in the market place and in maritime activities, of "pseudo-shipowners" only working with investors who are more or less dubious, with little regard for social rules, safety and other rules

The MOR GLAZ association notes that quality pays (Nevertheless, without having all the elements of the tender documents). In past years, only the price counted, it was an error which must not be repeated. The quality of the shipowner, its strong financial health, the quality of the ships provided, the Flag State and the quality of the crew should be the only criteria. New activities such as Renewable Marine Energies RME can only be carried out, "be developed" "be operated" with good operators, putting forward their technical ability, the reliability of their ships and Crews as well as their capacity to accomplish the missions over the long term.

Marine activities can only be developed with a highly technological merchant navy. The contract obtained by LDA with the Danish energy company Dong on a call for tender against the British, Danish, Dutch and the Germans, shows thats one must remain confident. French International and National maritime activities should become beneficial to reliable French shipowners ! Only the course set for quality counts even when there are heavy economic seas!

This contract with Dong is certainly a huge success for LDA, but in a broader sense for all of the French shipowners, including for the French flag even if it was the International French Register IFR ! On 2nd March 2011 the MOR GLAZ association awarded a green card to LDA for its involvement in the operation of the motorway of the sea Montoir-Gijon.

The positioning of the shipowner LDA in the RME sector, deserves a new green card, which means success by quality and reliabity. Congratulations to all the Teams at LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS, all the Office Staff and Seafarers who are committed to gain recognition for French maritime expertise and to have the French tricolour flag flown on the German offshore windmill farms.

Fair winds and smooth seas for this offshore wind farm maintenance ship and her crews


Pour l'association MOR GLAZ

Le Président Jean-Paul HELLEQUIN


Translation:- T.J. & M-L. Davies